Linux – Prodigy

Un videoclip genial produs de cei de la IBM pentru sistemul de operare Linux, al carui fan sunt (dupa cum ati observat – daca cititi blogul).

Si transcrierea (cautand un pic pe net am gasit si autorii unora dintre fraze) :

I think you should see this.
It’s just a kid.
This is a g-cord.
He’s learning, absorbing, he’s getting smarter every day.
Homo habitus was the first to use tools.
A player that makes a team great has more value than a great player. Losing yourself for the good of the group – that’s the teamwork. (John Wooden – former UCLA Bruins basketball coach)
It’s happening fast.
We’ve always watched the stars. If you look at the sky you’d see the beginning of time.
Collecting data is only the first step towards wisdom. But sharing data is the first step toward community. (Henry Lewis Gates – professor at Harvard)
There is not much glory in poetry, only achievement.
What he learns, we all learn. What he knows, we all benefit from.
One little thing can solve an incredibly complex problem. (Sylvia Nasar – author of “A Beautiful Mind”)
Everything is about timing, kid. (Penny Marshall – actress, director)
This is business – faster, better, cheaper – constant improvement.
So you want to fly, huh? Wind speed, thrust, it’s physics!
Plumbing – it’s all about the tools!
Does he have a name?
His name is Linux! The future is open!

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